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Not just for making margaritas, the blender is essential for pureeing fruits for ice creams and sorbets.

The KitchenAid blender first caught my eye because of the membrane touch control panel. Spilled liquids have no place to enter and it is easy to clean. I think the controls could be a little easier to press, but overall I am pretty satisfied with this model.

My wife and I just saw the latest model KitchenAid blender and it looks fantastic. Available in a sleek, brushed nickel finish, they have done away with the clumsy gasket in fabor of a soft plastic top. The buttons are easier to press and the container is now plastic, easing concerns when washing. It is was definitely on our Christmas list!

Update: We got it for Christmas and it is very nice. The container is a single piece unit (no threaded base to hold gasket and blade in) and the lid now has an integrated seal. The buttons are easier to press and higher speeds pause at a half-speed to minimize explosive mixing.

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