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Great candies deserve great packaging. Here are some simple ways to present your candy for delivery. Sometimes we'll use small paper cups for each truffle, but the sheer volume of candy that we have been stuffing into individual packages in recent years has merited a less elegant method of just grouping similar candies together in a package lined with decorative crepe paper

Saving Money
I'm willing to spend up to $5.00 for larger containers, but these larger containers typically only make up about 20% of my annual candy production and are reserved for elite members on my candy list. Most of these recipients are less than a one hour drive away, and I tell them that if they return the container, they are guaranteed to stay on the list for the next year. This lure has worked great and I have been reusing some containers for almost 10 years now. Expect for many to not come back, so always be on the lookout for a sale—or even the availability—of appropriate containers.