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Many truffle recipes measure chocolate by weight, so a small kitchen scale can be very useful.

Most everyone grew up with a spring scale in their kitchen, usually the remnant of a failed parental diet. Modern scales are electronic and can typically handle up to two pounds. They are also very accurate and extrememly easy to zero. The instant conversion between grams and ounces can also come in handy for other recipes.

If you are looking to keep costs to a minimum, you can use that old dieter's scale, but be sure to test it with a known weight like a bag of chocolate chips and adjust accordingly. Chocolate chips all used to be 12 oz., but it seems in recent years you find many 10 and 11 oz bags, depending on the brand.

If you don't have a scale at all, you can divide a known weight of chocolate into equal portions and determine mass by fractions. This works well with bar chocolate.

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