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Though you can dip some candies with your hands, dipping tools keep your hands clean and can also be used to add decorative touches. For truffles, small loops or spirals work well. It is a good idea to have several different kinds since no one tool is perfect for every dipping task. I've been pushing the envelope on how soft and gooey I can make my dipped caramels and this has required experimenting with other dipping tools and techniques, since the softer caramel will quickly adhere to the dipping tool when shaking off excess chocolate.

For making English Toffee, I made my own dipping tool from an old three tine fork, bending the center tine upwards. The center tine keeps the toffee from sliding up the fork while I tap off excess chocolate. It is also sturdy enough to press the enrobed toffee into a bed of chopped almonds. Some dipping tools are delicate, particularly the all plastic ones. The square edges of my home made dipping tool make it inappropriate for dipping more delicate candies like truffles or caramels.

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  1. Comment from judi siegers 
    4:58 PM   09-May-2009
    Where can I purchase a baffle clip for my Sinsation II.
    1. Response from Brian
      11:14 AM   15-May-2009
      Hi Judi, try chocovision or ebay.
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