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The popularity of the chocolate chip cookie is evident from the variety of chocolate chips at your local grocery store. As a child I recall that the only contender was Nestle's semie-sweet morsels in the familiar yellow bag. As the years have gone by, the selection has grown larger while the bags became smaller. The 12 ounce bag has since been replaces with 10 or 11 ounce bags. The one saving grace has been the arrival of dark chocolate chips.

For the average person, 60% cocoa chips may seem pretty exotic and dark, but true fans of dark chocolate will barely take notice at anything below 62%. If you want your chips loaded with cocao, you have to make them yourself. The easy way is to simply chop up your favorite chocolate bar. The downside of this method is that you wind up with the odd shaped chunks of varying sizes accompanied by numerous crumbs of chocolate. The resulting cookie is more remarkable for the texture of the strange chips than their flavor.

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