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Iced Meyer Lemon Cookies

It’s Meyer lemon season. Every week my son and I go to attend our violin and viola lessons where we wait outside the studio next to a fantastic Meyer lemon tree. Once the lesson is over, we gather up a half dozen lemons to take home. A cross between a lemon and orange, Meyer lemons are less acidic and great for baking. Up to now I have mostly been making lemon bars, but have always been on the lookout for a lemon cookie recipe.

Most citrus cookie recipes I found were accompanied by a powdered sugar based icing. At first, I was reluctant to make an iced cookie, as I was really looking for a classic cookie shape and texture. I was almost tempted to make a lemon and rosemary recipe I found since we have fresh rosemary in our backyard, but was determined for a lemon only cookie. Some recipes had shortening, others were shortbread. Finally I found this recipe in The Great American Cookie Cookbook. As usual, I upped the amount of lemon zest called for since Meyer lemons aren’t as harsh as the typical eureka lemons found in most supermarkets.

At first, I made only a few cookies per sheet, starting with simply rolled balls of dough. They turned out beautiful, but were too cake-like; we found ourselves enjoying the crispy edges the most. The next sheet I flattened the dough with a glass as suggested by the recipe, and these turned out better. The final sheets I really flattened the cookie dough to 1/4 inch and made sure they were browned on the edges before removing from the oven. The icing in this recipe gives the cookies a little zing, which you can adjust by how densely you space your icing stripes.

Ingredients for making Iced Lemon Cookies.

Beat butter until light and fluffy before adding sugar.

Use a microplane grater to zest Meyer lemons.

Flatten cookies to 1/4 inch thick with bottom of glass dipped in sugar.

Use a plastic bag with corner snipped off to pipe lemon icing on cookies.

Finished cookies are light and fresh with just a little zing.

For a recipe with as much butter and sugar as chocolate chip cookies, it only made 24 cookies. This was the only disappointment with these cookies, however—they vanished quickly when I brought them into work this morning. The recipe, with detailed instructions and complete photo gallery, can be found on the Iced Lemon Cookie recipe page.

  • Brian,

    I don’t think I can find Meyer lemons here in Brazil, do you think it would work with “regular” lemons?
    I love anything citrus and I’m very interested in this recipe.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Patricia, that’s horrible! Outrageous KitchenAid prices and now no Meyer lemons? I’m just teasing, Brazil still sounds wonderful. The original recipe just called for lemons, and for me that is a green light for me to up the ante when using Meyer lemons since they are less sour. Decrease lemon rind to just 1 tablespoon and you should be fine. Most of the zing is really in the frosting, so you could substitute some water for lemon juice if it is still too acidic or have fewer stripes/icing.

  • That’s great news, Brian!
    Thank you for the info, I really liked this recipe and want to try it soon.