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I use almonds primarily for English Toffee. You can buy chopped almonds, but like any pre-processed food, they just don't have that fresh flavor, so I chop them myself using a small food processor. The food processor does a pretty good job, but you still end up with some almond flour/powder afterwards. I sift this out using a fairly coarse sifter. About 20% of the almonds I process will be turned into almond powder. There are cookie recipes and even some delicate crust recipes that you could use this for. Each year I save the powder in a plastic bag only to throw it out 6 months later.

If you are using the almonds for coating chocolate, remember that you will need more almonds than what will actually be eaten. For English Toffe I chop enought to line 2 jelly roll pans and still have more left over for pouring over the top of recently dipped toffee centers. This allows me to alternate pans in the refrigerator and work continuously.

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