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Mango Sorbet.This delicious mango sorbet recipe is super easy and quick to make.


2 cups mango puree (about 4 large mangoes)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3 tablespoons limoncello

Slice the mangoes until you have 2 cups of mango flesh. Add the mangoes, sugar, water and limoncello to blender and purée until smooth. Chill mixture in ice bath until colder than 45° F. Pour sorbet base into ice cream maker and freeze per your maker's instructions. Once sorbet has finished churning, transfer to dedicated container to ripen in freezer for several hours.

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  1. Comment from LoveLife LoveFood 
    10:13 PM   31-May-2010
    Hello, I've just discovered your website and am loving all the sorbet recipes. Can I ask if there is any substitute for limoncello for those that can't use alcohol? Thanks!
    1. Response from Brian
      8:01 PM   06-Jul-2010
      You can just skip it and it will be fine.
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