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Metal tins are definitely my preferred way of packaging candies. They are great for both local and shipped destinations as they protect the candy as well as preserve freshness. They are sturdy and come in a variety of designs, though sometimes plain is nice, too. Unfortunately, I have found that they can be hard to find.

Red Christmas tins from Cost Plus.I usually will make a run to my local Cost Plus World Market in early November (before Thanksgiving or you take your chances) and see what they have. They usually have one set of tins each year that interest me. The last couple years they have had a single design tin in 3 sizes with prices ranging from $2.99 to $4.99. You can also look on the web for tins, but let's just say that the online shopping market for non-collectibe nor pre-filled tins of appropriate size and low cost is pretty slim. I think there are deals to be had if you are looking to import 1000 or more. I would appreciate some links if someone knows a site where you can get them for less than $5.00 apiece.

When purchasing metal tins in a store, be sure to check out how hard it is to remove any stickers that might be on them before buying. I got a great deal on some red tins at Cost Plus one year and the stickers on some would only come off with WD-40, and that was after considerable rubbing. Needless to say, the tins were useless afterwards due to the chemical odor. Perhaps a more neutral spirit would work better, but why waste your time?

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