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Cellophane dresses up any basket, tin or box and makes for an even better first impression. For baskets, it also performs the additional role of preserving freshness. My wife has been a great help in both coming up with ideas for packaging as well as the actual wrapping of packages in cellophane.

Cello Depot has a great selection of irridescent and metallic rolls, but their handling charge of $20 for orders under $100 dollars is a bit steep. Ouch. Needless to say, I ordered several years worth of cellophane. I think a pricing model based more directly on volume (e.g. buy 3 and get a cheaper unit price) would be a better way to keep margins higher without discouraging the casual shopper.

Nashville Wraps has a smaller selection, but they only charge $4 for handliing charge for orders under $50. No irridescent colors, apparently, which are among my favorite. They also have a great selection of ribbons and other packaging materials making for one stop shopping.

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  1. Comment from Patricia Scarpin 
    11:32 AM   29-Dec-2006
    Hi, Brian,

    I saw your comment on Hilary's snickerdoodles (I commented it too) and came here to know your site. It's great, congrats!

    I love the way you package your delicious candies - they're lovely!
    1. Response from Brian
      2:15 PM   29-Dec-2006
      Thanks Patricia! My wife will have to take most of the credit for packaging design and execution (but I help a little).
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