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Most commonly found in the traditional Chinese takeout box shape, takout boxes come in many colors and materials. Prices typically range from $0.60 to $2.99 apiece with plastic varieties being more expensive. Nashville Wraps has a great selection and the prices are reasonable.

Although my candy production occurs mainly during the holidays, we had to postpone candymaking the year we moved to our new house. Moving day was scheduled for December 17 and there was just too much to be done for the move. I decided to take advantage of Valentine's Day and send out red takeout boxes instead. It was the most consistently packaged batch of candy yet.

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  1. Comment from Kyle 
    11:41 AM   26-May-2009
    Dear Chocolate Gourmand, Are your takeout boxes recycled or not?And if they're, not try it! It would make a big difference,and it would save alot of money.It takes alot of oil to make plastic unfortunatly.So please take this comment into consideration. Kyle from:Ms.Biegel's classroom
    1. Response from Brian
      7:05 PM   06-Jun-2009
      Hi Kyle, the ones I have used have not been recycled, though the ones that were returned to me I have used again. There aren't too many places I encounter Chinese food style takeout boxes that I would consider recycling since they smell like Chinese food. I mostly stick with the metal tins these days.
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